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Meet Alyssa Siegel, MSN, RN, FNP-C, CPEN

     After graduating college as a registered nurse, my interest in nutrition, as it relates to health, was piqued.  I was 21, healthy, athletic and ate well, or so I thought.  I went to a holistic nutritionist to determine if I had any food sensitivities, and was shocked to find out that I had a sensitivity to gluten, soy and dairy.  I made the decision to change my diet and spent the next 8 years practicing what I was preaching. I felt incredible, body and mind. Unfortunately, due to some career opportunities I ended up taking a hiatus from keeping up my diet for a year or so, which continued during my pregnancy in 2019.


     As a breastfeeding mom it was very unsettling to have a 3 month old who was not thriving, crying and screaming most of the day and night. When I noticed blood in his stool I evaluated what was going on with my own health both physically and mentally. I went back to eating gluten, dairy and soy free, but that did not help the situation. I felt swollen and had a constant sinus infection. I joined several online support groups and researched ideas to help us both.  I also sought out professional advice as I was experiencing joint pain, loss of energy, and was losing weight rapidly.  After much testing and consultations, I was diagnosed with chronic lyme disease. The biggest problem was that none of the treatments seemed to help me or in turn my son.  I knew it was time for me to go back to my holistic nutritionist. 


    After we were both tested by our nutritionist, I was able to find foods that I could eat that were also healthy for my son. It took 3 months but we both started healing and feeling better.  I am still on my path to healing today, but my energy level is greatly improved, even with a very energetic toddler. 


    It became clear to me through this most difficult time that I needed to help others who were struggling like me. Now, as a Nurse Practitioner, I knew that my calling was to start my Nutrition Response Testing® and healing journey.  Traditional medicine has its place, however I have decided that there are alternative practices that I want to be a part of and share.  I have seen Nutrition Response Testing® heal patients with many ailments using dietary changes and nutritional support without the use of traditional medicine.  I am passionate and confident about this course of care and healing, and am thrilled to be in a position to help others achieve optimal health! 


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