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FAQ About Nutrition Response Testing®

Is Nutrition Response Testing® Right For Me?

  • Do you feel that your body isn't healing on the current program you're on?

  • Are your condition(s) affecting your quality of life?

  • Are you using traditional medicine and fed-up with the troublesome side effects?

  • Have you come to the realization that your health issues won't be healed unless you get to the root cause?

What Should I Expect For My First Visit?

When you arrive for the first visit, you will complete intake forms and a health history.  Next, you will have a computerized heart rate test, which tells the practitioner about your physical age based off of your current health.  Then, the practitioner will review your health history and do a complete evaluation. 

What's Next After My First Visit?

After your initial visit, the practitioner will review all of the findings and prepare a healing plan designed specifically for you.  Then, you will return for a review of findings and recommendations visit, which is included in the initial evaluation fee.  During this visit, the practitioner will reveal the root cause of your health issues, and a step by step approach of how they can be healed.  If the practititoner determines you are a Nutrition Response Testing®  candidate, you will then begin your program.

How Soon Will I Feel Improvment?

Everyone's rate of healing is different, some patients see improvements in a few days, while others may take weeks or months.  It depends on how long you have been feeling ill, and how strict you are on your personalized healing program.  

Do You See Children in Your Office?

Yes, we do see children in our office!  It is very beneficial to start a holistic health program at a young age, and set children up for success in their overall health for life.  It is our policy that a parent needs to be a patient prior to the child becoming a patient.  This allows for an easier transition for the child, especially if there are food sensitivities that need to handled.  Children's visits are 40% off the price of an adult visit.

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